Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two Colonies and One Queen

The good news this evening is that Q. Anne and her colony seem to have normalized a bit. Apparently it can be somewhat stressful to be packaged in a small screen box along with a soup can of corn syrup and ten thousand of your siblings, having no ability to "relieve" yourself. A day of sun and cleansing flights has them in good spirits.

On the other hand Q. Catherine is nowhere to be found and her brood has been busy making supercedure cells in order to replace her. Not sure if she caught word of Anne's arrival or stepped out for a spot of tea but we are now scrambling for a new queen to continue populating the colony. Should have a new queen in a day at which time she will either be accepted by her new colony or summarily stung to death by them...


  1. Rode my sickle over to the Bowden residence today to get a glimpse @ Bloom, but not a Bowden to be found. I hope to see this adventure in person soon.

  2. David, There are about 20K Bowdens in the back yard:-) Sorry the four of us missed you though!